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Essential Black Soap

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SallyeAnder’s Black Soap uses plant-sourced oils, plant-based purifying charcoal to benefit all types of skin and is scented with fragrant cocoa butter.


African Black Soap is traditionally made from the ash of local plants, plantains, cocoa pods, and leaves from palm trees and shea trees. Black Soap has been used for centuries in West Africa and has now become popular all over the world for its skin-supporting benefits. Uses plant-sourced oils, plant-based purifying charcoal. It benefits all types of skin and makes a multi-purpose bar for your face and hair and the skin on your scalp, hands, and body. It’s fragrant with cocoa butter and excellent to help skin that has a tendency to break out. If you are looking for a charcoal-based skincare solution, you have found it. Black Soap is a conversation piece, a terrific gift and a great bar for travel since it means you can leave behind your body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer. Now you have all of those in one cool bar. For all skin types.

butter blend (cupuacu, cocoa, shea), charcoal powder, carrot oil and beeswax