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Dry Brush

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The perfect tool for body brushing or dry brushing. Dry brushing supports healthy skin, gentle detoxification via the lymph and stimulates the body's circulatory system. 



Dry Brushing consists of brushing the dry skin all over your body before or after you take a shower or a bath. Dry Brushing can stimulate the blood flow, exfoliate excess dead skin cells, and make it feel like you just had a massage.

  • Anti Cellulite: Distribute and soften fat deposits evenly which will smooth your skin

  • Increase Blood Flow: Brushing skin will get the blooding flowing helping to promote a healthy circulation

  • Exfoliate Skin: Helps to remove dead skin cells and generate healthy new skin cells

  • Stress Relief: Dry brushing will have a soothing massaging sensation that will feel great

  • Lymphatic System Drainage: Allow cellular waste to be expelled through your lymph nodes