Crystal Geode Bath Soak - Amethyst - Saratoga Botanicals, LLC

Geode Crystal Inspired Bath Salt - Amethyst

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unwind your mind and prepare to dip into one of the most calming baths ever.

  • AMETHYST (Stability): “the stability stone” promotes calm, balance, and peace, and help eliminate impatience.
  • pure USP grade Epsom salt
  • a soothing fragrance of soft lavender, sage, and fresh basil leaves
  • sensorial experience – the purple bath salt will create a calming, crystal-inspired experience and wash off the tub easily since it is MESS-FREE!
  • Epsom salt – Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) can help soothe the skin and help relax the mind and body. USP-grade pure Epsom salt is known for its exceptional purity and therapeutic value.
  • 4 oz bag is a generous one-bath amount
  • the bags have a beautiful crystal image with a gold rim.