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Aromatherapy Inhaler - Custom Blend

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Customize your very own therapeutic Aromatherapy Inhaler Blend combining our line of organic essential oils. An aromatherapy inhaler is a great little item (about the size of a lip balm) that you can carry with you at all times and use whenever you need it. Inside of this container is a cartridge loaded with essential oils.

Custom Formulation Options: (Important! Please make sure to include your blending choices in the notes section to our SpaTenders prior to checkout)

  1. Choose three (3) Organic Essential Oils -OR- one (1) of our Blends (select 1 choice in the drop down) 

SIZE: Inhaler with essential oil cartridge

TO USE: Simply twist off the top and there is a small hole that allows the essential oils to escape and be inhaled. Inhale deeply, for as long as needed. When using your headache inhaler it's best to use it in a quiet place, with calming music. Close your eyes, relax and simply breathe. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.