Our Brands

Saratoga Botanicals LLC is the parent company of Saratoga Botanicals Organic Spa & Store, Spa City Organics and Apothic Timeless Skincare. Based in Saratoga Springs, New York, with manufacturing facilities in Ballston Spa, Saratoga Botanicals LLC is privately owned and operated since its inception in 2013.  


Saratoga Botanicals Organic Spa & Store


Spa City Organics

Spa City Organics is an organic skin care brand formulated for all skin types. Our products are consciously created for the most sensitive of skin types, made with soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients that do not overpower or dominate the senses. Pure. Natural. Simple. Skincare. Made for anyone. ALL SKIN TYPES WELCOME!



Apothic Timeless Skincare 

Science based timeless skin care -  Apothic Timeless Skincare is a professional skin care brand focusing on the science of youthful looking skin. We use time tested alchemical methods along with clinically proven compounds, vitamins and bioactive ingredients aimed at driving results either in a professional skin care setting or at home with your own skin care routine.