Blending Bar - How it Works


What is our Bath & Beauty Blending Bar?

The Bath & Beauty Blending Bar is a custom, made-to-order interactive experience, where customers are informed and empowered to create products based on their specific skin care goals and energetic make up.

Custom Made Products – Do it Together

The process of custom blending a product is a DIT (Do it Together) experience, where our trained  SpaTenders can help assist you to choose ingredients and craft a product, made just for you. We do not operate from a cookie-cutter product making perspective. This experience is about YOU! Your scent preferences, your skin and your health care goals. Products made your way!

Choose from a menu of products, including aromatherapy products (think inhalers and roll-ons); bath products (some examples include bath soaks, shampoos, dry shampoos, conditioners, body washes + foaming hand soaps); body products (lotions + butters) facial products (clay masks, facial oils + mists) home and fragrance (think candles, diffuser blends, herbal sachets + linen sprays), parfum and cologne, and an entire line devoted to mens’ products.

How it works

Once you decide which products you’d like to make, it’s time to get creative and customize! Each product is assigned a blending bar card that you will use to select the additional ingredient options for your products (such as a carrier oil for skincare products and aromatherapy products; powders and clays for masks), add-ins (such as vitamins, botanical + fruit powder extracts or CoEnzyme 10 for a mask) as well as a customized scent (using fruit extracts and essential oils).


Follow Your Nose to the “Scent Station”

We’ve got your nose covered at our Scent Station. Smell and sample our many varieties of essential oils, fruit extracts, aromatherapy and seasonal essential oil blends. 


Tip: Use our informational guides to create products to target skincare concerns or achieve energetic qualities you seek

To help you enjoy the process and create products perfect for you, we created essential oil and carrier oil guides to inspire combinations, and help you to learn more about the ingredients you will use. These are posted near the blending bar for you to review. This information is especially helpful if you want to target a specific skincare or energetic concern. For example, perhaps you might want to create a body butter to protect your skin during winter months while also combatting eczema, or create a customized candle to use during meditation, or design an aromatherapy roll-on to help you to focus while at work. Whatever you choose, we can help you make the perfect product using our combination of base ingredients, essential oils, botanical and fruit extract add-ins.


Don’t know where to start? Don’t Worry! We Can Help!

Our trained SpaTenders are available to help you, and some of our favorite blend combinations posted around the store to inspire you and keep you from feeling overwhelmed! Never be intimidated by the process. We can help you make selections that you will love. Just ask us for assistance!


Products Mixed and Ready in Just Minutes

Once you’ve filled out your blending bar card, hand the card to our SpaTender who will create the product in front of you. We will make a label for you so you will know what is in each product, and also make note at our store which blend you used. If you fall in love with how your product feels and smells and want to purchase it again, we can create it for you again. 


Create a natural version of a product you love

If there’s a product that you’re using and you would like to switch to natural ingredients, we can replicate an organic, chemical free version for you.

Blending Bar Products Also Available for Customization Online

If you don’t live close to our store or have time to visit our location  – not to worry! You can customize products on this website using all of our options for each product. CLICK HERE TO CUSTOM BLEND YOUR PRODUCT ONLINE.